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PROBATE BLOOD: Righting the Boat

24 Apr

So my attorney met in the Judge’s Chambers last Tuesday morning with the Judge and rival attorneys and came up with the idea of Righting the Boat, that is, to restore my power in the Trust and deny my brother’s ability to usurp it. What amazes me is how the rival attorneys simply parrot whatever my brother tells them to say, including calling me an employee instead of a duly appointed member of the Trust administration, including citing Hawaii Probate Rule 40 and also a Hawaii Probate Statute that are both irrelevant and immaterial. I think my brother has always regretted not becoming an attorney. But I doubt he even has his BA degree from the University of Hawaii because I’ve never seen it. State*Assembly


PROBATE BLOOD: Suing My Big Brother

21 Apr

PROBATE BLOOD: Suing My Big Brother.