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27 Apr

I drive by where they hold you.  Your campus resembles a business park—concrete cubes sporting thin vertical windows.  Glass ink black, yet I can see my car passing through.  You’re tucked in the Theo Lacy wing.  Grounds boast resort-green lawns, eucalyptus, roses in raised beds. Image

Across the street, the ash trees bend.  Hydrants are milky-white.  Chain-wire fences enclose a field with blue end zones.  Goal posts the color of hydrants.  Remember your touchdown in the big game?  The cheerleaders loved you. 

I hang a left and head back to the freeway.  Clouds kill the sun.  Shadows roll over the forgotten and tumble into the sea.      

—Kirby Wright


Press to Venture into Film Business

27 Apr

The press for my forthcoming futuristic book will be filming 2 5-minute shorts.  Here’s a photo of one of the actresses vying for the role of EVO.  And also here’s a link to the book:

check out the LOOK INSIDE for a good intro to the book, thanks!Image