Miss USA from Punahou School

9 Mar


Poetry in Protest: Aloha, Liliuokalani by Kirby Michael Wright

12 Jul


Golden Film Award

1 Nov


Dear Kirby Michael Wright,

Congratulations Again ! It’s an Honor.
The US Hollywood International Golden Film Award is pleased to announce the nomination of your screenplay for 2017-2018 USHIFF Int’l Film Festival Golden Film Awards,and the winner(s) will recognized at the USHIFF Golden Awards Ceremony on December 13th ( Wednesday) at the Arbat BallRoom in Burbank, Ca.

Over hundreds entrants around the world submitted their films for consideration for Golden Film Awards over across our submission platforms.
Of the submitted shorts/films/screenplay, a 38-elite list was created. Our sincere thanks to all who submitted their films & Screenplay for consideration and to share with our attendees, and our Congratulations to those accepted & nominated.

Once again , my sincere congratulations on your inclusion. Just being nominated for the GFA is an honor in itself.

US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award

Official Selection:Hollywood Film Festival

15 Jul

Source: Official Selection:Hollywood Film Festival


8 Jul


PROBATE BLOOD: Righting the Boat

24 Apr

So my attorney met in the Judge’s Chambers last Tuesday morning with the Judge and rival attorneys and came up with the idea of Righting the Boat, that is, to restore my power in the Trust and deny my brother’s ability to usurp it. What amazes me is how the rival attorneys simply parrot whatever my brother tells them to say, including calling me an employee instead of a duly appointed member of the Trust administration, including citing Hawaii Probate Rule 40 and also a Hawaii Probate Statute that are both irrelevant and immaterial. I think my brother has always regretted not becoming an attorney. But I doubt he even has his BA degree from the University of Hawaii because I’ve never seen it. State*Assembly


24 Apr

What happened to the family after my father passed on? Or, was it already self-destructing while he was alive, only I didn’t realize it? Take a look at Page 1 from HOUSE OF LIES, published by Missouri State University and help me decide what might have been going on.Moon-CityHere my brother and I are awaiting the arrival of my father after getting booted out of Punahou School in Honolulu for cutting Woodshop. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this set the table for what would happen later that day–me running away from home to avoid a beating.

PROBATE BLOOD: Suing My Big Brother

21 Apr

PROBATE BLOOD: Suing My Big Brother.

PROBATE BLOOD: Suing My Big Brother

21 Apr

Today is the Conference Call! I will be participating in a proposed settlement with my brother’s attorneys in the judge’s quarters at First Circuit Court in Honolulu. Don’t hold your breath. My brother is out for blood and probably won’t rest until I have been destroyed financially. How did this happen? From an early age I realized he hated me, and you can see a photo taken on the island of Moloka’i and a story here:

Kirby in La Jolla

Kirby in La Jolla

THE END, MY FRIEND: Prelude to the Apocalypse

6 Nov

THE END, MY FRIEND: Prelude to the Apocalypse.